What are people saying about
Aging Resources?

Feedback is always appreciated, and we’re gratified by the good things some of our families and clients have taken time to say about us —

“Thank you for the care and attention that you provided to my parents over the past serveral years. With my sisters and I living about 800 miles away, it was a comfort knowing that there was a competent and caring person supervising their health and needs on a regular basis.”

“Thank you for you AMAZING HELP. Every heretofore unmet need was satisfied.”

“I very much appreciate you being there to help my Mom as well as to be our eyes and ears. We’re glad we have you there to call on when we need help. Many, many thanks.”

“Thanks for your help in the decision-making…”

“Your assistance really helped to ease the angst…”

“It is really helpful and comforting to have you as a resource that we can turn to in Charleston. Thank you for continuing to assist us and offer us your guidance.”

“…I guess all of us eventually become aware when our parents can no longer handle the tasks they once did. It is hard to realize much of the responsibilitiy is now ours, not so much that we don’t want to do it, but rather that we feel a sense of loss for our parent’s indpendence. I have come to understand and appreciate the service you perform, especially since it is done wtih caring and commitment.”


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